About Raine

Hi, my name is Lauren and I founded Raine, LLC in 2019.

In January 2019, I woke up one morning with the dream of starting a reusable products company to help reduce single-use plastic and improve the health of our planet and ourselves.

After months of learning how to start and run a small business with no prior experience, I launched Raine in December 2019 with Reusable Glass Straw Sets! But Raine will not stop there, I plan on expanding into other products that are beautiful, affordable, and of course... Eco-Friendly.

As Raine grows, it will offer simple, attractive, and great quality items for everybody to use in their everyday lives with the aim to reduce plastics that expose us and our environment to harmful toxins. I also hope to educate and inspire those who are following along and eventually give back to the community through Raine.

I am extremely passionate about the health of our planet as well as those who reside on it. Another one of my dreams is to start, or partner with, a non-profit organization  that provides low-income communities with gardens and education. While it is currently a dream, Raine started as a dream too and I want you to know that by supporting Raine, you’re helping it grow and eventually give back!
I’m so thankful to everybody who has supported Raine as it went from a dream to reality. I currently do all the behind the scenes work here but as Raine grows, I hope to bring people along this journey!

If you have any questions about Raine, are interested in wholesale, or want to learn about becoming a Raine Rep, email me at Hello@RaineReusables.com

Thank you so much for stopping by, now let’s make #EverydayEcoFriendly

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